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Recent Entries

11/17/07 04:22 pm

love love love. odd situations but love.

9/10/07 10:15 am

college rocks.

but, lofted/ bunk beds are a cause for embarrassment.

4/23/07 10:18 pm

i made a bad decision.

3/26/07 03:54 pm

getting rejected is not fun.

2/17/07 12:17 pm

my dad's cell phone number is listed as a providence escort service!!!

12/17/06 09:37 pm

did anyone else notice that they always play the chia pet commercials more during the christmas season?

this weekend was insanely boring.

my head hurts.

thats about it.

12/13/06 10:38 pm

I had a date!
it was good.

12/4/06 09:57 pm

i have huge circles under my eyes.
i should fix that.

11/17/06 04:31 pm - Soundtrack... to my life

Opening Credits: Paper Bag by Fiona Apple

Waking Up: Six Different Ways by The Cure or Volcano Girls by Veruca Salt

Falling In Love: Every Me and Every You by Placebo

Fight Song: Combat Baby by Metric

Breaking Up: Fuck and Run by Liz Phair

Prom: Miami by Will Smith & Hot in Herre by Nelly

Life: You're Standing On My Neck by Splendora

Mental Breakdown: Don't Stand So Close to Me by The Police

Driving: Outta My Mind by The Donnas

Flashback: What Ever Happened? by The Strokes

Getting back together: Everybody's Stalking by Badly Drawn Boy

Wedding: Eyes by Rogue Wave

Birth of Child: Shiver by Coldplay

Final Battle: Fat Lip by Sum 41

Death Scene: We Haven't Turned Around by Gomez

Funeral Song: She Cries Your Name by Beth Orton or A Fond Farewell By Elliott Smith

End Credits: Late At Night by Buffalo Tom

11/15/06 11:08 pm

List 1: Old CDs I listened to tonight
Kiss - Kiss Killers
Will Smith - Big Willie Style
Sum 41 - All Killer No Filler
The Grease Soundtrack
The Vandals - Internet Dating Super Studs
Derek and the Dominoes - Layla
Random The Donnas songs
and 2 Old mixes

good stuff... oh yeah
and AFI hahaha
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